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Volunteers with KidsEach of our children  receives 1:1 support from a trained volunteer during the holiday trips and the youth clubs, and the volunteers are supported in turn by employed play leaders;  both SHIP and SPLASH provide a unique opportunity to develop citizenship and leadership among our young volunteers, and most of our volunteers end up committing themselves long - term to our groups;   their view is that they get as much out of it as the children, and that the work has an enormous positive impact on their social  and life skills. 

They realise quickly what a huge responsibility they have, and equally how rewarding it is to support those who face great challenges with everyday life.  We have recently started a Volunteer Committee which meets once a month and decides on work rotas and play schedules for the coming month. 

The Volunteers have come up with some very creative ideas for the youth clubs, including cooking,arts and crafts and even guitar making from margerine tubs!


A Day In The Life Of A Volunteer
Volunteers with Kids 2
Volunteers arrive at Glenearn Community Campus for 9am when SPLASH is on - that's our holiday play scheme. Whilst waiting for the children to arrive, you will be given a profile sheet for the child you are paired with for the day.  This gives valuable information you need to know about the child.
We have a group meeting with the Play Leader to discuss how the previous day went, where we will be going today with any potential risks being highlighted.
At approximately 10am, the children start to arrive and are introduced to their volunteer for the day.  As a volunteer, you will talk to the parent to ensure you know as much information as possible to help the child have a great day.  There is then a short time for the child to choose an activity to do with you until the bus arrives.
Once on the bus, volunteers sits next to their child and interacts with them talking about trip and other things of interest to the child.Volunteers with Kids 3
We visit a variety of places such as Edinburgh Zoo, Auchingarrich Wildlife park, Fife Animal Park, soft play, parks etc.  Volunteers must ensure that they stay with their child at all times, doing what THE CHILD wants to do, keeping them safe and making sure they are having a good time. At lunch time they sit with their child and encourage and if necessary assist the child with their lunch.
Playleaders are on hand throughout the day should you have any problems. All volunteers have all of the playleaders mobile phone numbers on their phone to ensure that is help and assistance is available at all times. If you do not have a phone then you will be paired up with another volunteer who does have a phone.
On the return journey, the volunteer completes a parent communication form so parents to see what their child has been doing and how they have been during the day.  The sheet also has a section for the parents to make any comments back to the Volunteer.
We arrive back to Glenearn Campus at approximately 4pm (sometimes 5pm). The Volunteer must stay with their child until they have been picked up and signed out by their parent/carer.
At the end of the week, Volunteers receive payment to cover expenses for each of the days you have volunteered.
VolunteersSHIP and Splash also have a youth club on a Monday and Tuesday night during school term that runs from 7pm to 9pm ( older group) and 6.30pm to 8pm ( younger group ).  At youth club, volunteers are paired up with a child for that evening.  Your role is to ensure the child is has fun and stays safe whilst participating in activities available.
There is a rota for youth club volunteers and when it is your turn on the rota you will receive travelling expenses.
Volunteers are supported through a variety of relevant training, eg. child protection and first aid,  and offered certification in MV awards and recognition for Duke of Edinburgh.
SHIP and Splash carry out lots of fundraising throughout the year which volunteers can choose to be involved in.
Volunteer Training
If you become a Volunteer with SHIP you will be given relevant training.  Some of the formal training courses include:
  • Child Protection
  • Makaton
  • Challenging Behaviour
But there is an on-going training programme built in to the holiday playschemes, with particular emphasis on understanding conditions such as autism and the difficulties of having a learning disability.
Opening Times

SHIP (youth club)
Mon  7.00pm – 9.00pm (age 12+)
Tues 6.30pm - 8.00pm (age 5-12)
(Cost £5.00/session)

SPLASH (holiday play scheme)
Mon & Thurs 10am-4pm (age 5-12)
Tues & Fri 10am-4pm (age 12+)
(Cost £15.00/session)

Easter holidays – one week
October holidays – one week
Summer holidays – five weeks

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